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Issue 007 | Fall 2019


Ellen Kempner / Palehound
Caroline Goldfarb / Official Sean Penn
Linda Chen / Creepy Galls
Yesika Salgado
Enongo Lumamba-Kusongo


“...as much as I wish I could sit back and be like, “I don’t care about that shit.” That’d be lying. You know?”

- Ellen Kempner / Palehound

[Photo | Grace Pickering]

Screen Shot 2019-08-31 at 11.05.18 AM.png

“I want to be a filthy version of Sanrio. That’s kind of the dream.”

-Linda Chen / CreepyGals

[Photo | Nas Nixx]

“‘Hermosa’ was me really coming back to myself and waking up and selfishly doing shit the way I wanted to do it.”

-Yesika Salgado

[Photo | Rikkí Wright]

“It’s not dollars in your bank account, it’s not mainstream fame, or entertainment industry recognition. It’s like I’m just a niche internet celebrity.”

-Caroline Goldfarb / Official Sean Penn

[Photo | Carly Palmour]

“I’m 33 years old so I would say I’ve gone through 33 levels. [Life] is filled with all the same challenges you’d find in any good game—dodging bad guys, keeping your health up, rescuing your friends, all of that.”

-Enongo Lumumba-Kasongo

[Photo | Jesse Riggins]

“You get a little bit of 909 Inland Empire Mexicana Carlita sussisity and 305 Miami Cubanita Remolacha fuegito. It truly is a mezcla of not just music, but culture, identity, and friendship.”


[Photo | Lynn Torres]