Jr Hi the Magazine Issue 001

Jr Hi the Magazine Issue 001


Jr Hi the Magazine Issue 001: Spring 2018. Estimated Ship date is April 1, 2018.

48 full color pages featuring original interviews and photoshoots with LA based artists and activists.

Issue 001 | Spring 2018
Table of Content

CLASS OF 2017 by Faye Orlove, photos by Grace Pickering
STEAK in conversation with Yasi Salek, photos by Carly Palmour
TASBEEH HERWEES in conversation with Erika Paget, photos by Emily Berkey
LIZZY COOPERMAN in conversation with Jamie Loftus, photos by Iris Ray
AZA ZIEGLER in conversation with Rachel Kinnard, photos by Dustin Stafford
AMINDI K. FRO$T in conversation with Enongo Lumumba-Kasongo, photos by Graham Dunn
RIKKÍ WRIGHT in conversation with Hadas, photos by Rikkí Wright

ADD TO CART featuring The Eyde, photos by Bridget Jacobs
ADD TO QUEUE by Brie Larson, illustration by Faye Orlove
HOROSCOPES by Kylie Anderson & Zoie Harmon, illustrations by Grace Miceli

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