Jr Hi the Magazine Issue 002

Jr Hi the Magazine Issue 002

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Jr Hi the Magazine Issue 002: Summer 2018.

52 full color pages featuring original interviews and photoshoots with LA based artists and activists.

Issue 002 | Summer 2018
Table of Content

LILA GOLD in conversation with Liz Pelly, photos by Miriam Marlene
SHAMIR BAILEY in conversation with Ellen Kempner, photos by Rikkí Wright
JULIANA HORNER in conversation with Joanna Spicer, photos by Juliana Horner
EDEN HAIN & ARIELA BARER in conversation with Faye Orlove, photos by Alexa Lopez
JENN PELLY in conversation with Katie Alice Greer, photos by Kara Vorabutr
ISA BENISTON in conversation with Colleen Baisa, photos by Sadie Spezzano

ADD TO CART featuring CREEPY GALS, photos by Laurence Philomene
ADD TO QUEUE by Siena LaMere
HOROSCOPES by Sewa Adekoya

Our limited edition bundles include Jr Hi the Mag Issue 002 as well as:

  • a 5”x7” Sticker Sheet by Gentle Thrills (@gentlethrills)

  • a 4”x6” Postcard by Juliana Horner (@vesperucca)

  • and a 3” Gold enamel keychain by Creepy Gals (@creepy.gals)

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