Jr Hi the Magazine Issue 003

Jr Hi the Magazine Issue 003


Jr Hi the Magazine Issue 003: Fall 2018.

52 full color pages featuring original interviews and photoshoots with LA based artists and activists.

Issue 003 | Fall 2018
Table of Content

SADIE DUPUIS in conversation with Bethany Cosentino, photos by Margaret Leyva
CANDACE REELS in conversation with Ashley Lukashevsky, photos by Kanya Iwana
CLARA CAKES in conversation with Nydia Hartoro, photos by Iris Ray
FINN BARRETT in conversation with Faye Orlove, photos by Michael Tyrone Delaney
RUSTY CUTS in conversation with Yasi Salek, photos of Ashley Lukashevsky by Ashley Olah
MONA TAVAKOLI & BECKY GEBHARDT in conversation with Summer Benton, photos by Jen Rosenstein

ADD TO QUEUE by Bethany Cosentino/Best Coast
ADD TO CART featuring MC Hardcore, photos by Miriam Marlene

HOROSCOPES by Courtney Perkins/@notallgeminis

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