the following bills are due monthly:

Rent / Landestine, LLC: $2600.00
Electricity / Los Angeles Department of Water and Power: Ranging from $60-$150
Internet / Time Warner Cable: $79.99
Toiletries and cleaning supplies: ~$50
Water Delivery: ~$50
Restock on merchandise: ~$500
Retail supplies: ~$50

junior high sustains itself financially through the following forms of revenue:

Events | The space asks a $5 suggested donation for all events (with few exceptions) and acquires the first $200 of profits before paying out the performers. No performers are ever asked to pay to play. Infrequently, artists do not get paid. If the event does not exceed $200, there is no pay out. This financial model is not a mandate, it is flexible in response to community needs. Often this fee is lessened for fundraisers or events that prioritize paying LGBTQ artists, gender non-conforming artists, and artists of color. In some instances, we employ a percentage cut instead of the flat rate. Reach out if you'd like the financial structure of a specific event disclosed.

Art shows | The gallery asks a suggested donation of $5 at each art opening. Junior High collects the full amount of that profit. A majority of that money is used for repainting and repairing the walls post-exhibit. The rest goes into rent. Junior High never takes a cut of proceeds from art sold. All profits for artwork sold goes directly to the creator(s). For artwork that cannot be monetized (ie: installations, film, etc) this financial model is flexible. Often we split the door donations among the curators/performers/artists. In-person donations via art shows is our biggest source of revenue and what is generally relied upon to keep our doors open.

Merchandise sales | All of our merchandise is bought wholesale directly from artists. We do not run on consignment and all our vendors are paid prior to receiving their wares. No artists are ever delayed payment or left unpaid.

Donations | Junior High hosts a donation page through our website and receives donations ranging from $5 to $250 at varying times throughout the month. Overall this is a seldom used feature.

Crowdfunding | Junior High has run three successful crowdfunding campaigns. The first paid for rent, insurance, and the security deposit on our physical location. Money from the second campaign went towards our monthly bills so we could alleviate some of the pressure on events as our most crucial revenue stream. This was influencing booking as well as flooding the calendar with programming that didn't fully align with our mission statement. Donations from our third campaign went to building renovations to make Junior High safer and more accessible.

Sponsors | Occasionally Junior High will host an event sponsored by a brand whose ethos aligns with ours. The companies supply funding (generally $500) in exchange for promotions through our social media channels. This money goes towards an individual event (generally for prints, installation equipment, and libations).

we use:

Bank of America as our banking company although we are looking to find a local branch whose ethos more align with ours.

Paypal and Paypal Here for retail sales and additional banking. Paypal is a business we do not support ethically, but are having trouble finding another company with similar ease and accessibility that does not subscribe to shitty ethical practices.

by sustaining itself financially, junior high does not make a monetary profit for anyone, least of all its principle organizers. we would like to recognize the enormity of uncompensated emotional and material labor that goes into this project.

Any questions or critiques can be directed to