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“After School Special” is a new Podcast from the Junior High family.

Intended to be an extension of Junior High programming, each episode features a new guest who comes to teach our hosts — Erika and Faye — something new. Episodes release Fridays after school, with the 4th Friday of each month being a Patreon-only episode accessible to all Junior High members. Find “After School Special” anywhere you find Podcasts.

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Producers: Clementine Yost & Faye Orlove
Sound Engineer: Justin Allen
Sounder Editor: Clementine Yost
Hosts: Erika Paget and Faye Orlove
Jingle by: Eden Hain

007: Courtney Perkins | Geminis: defend yourself.

You definitely know Courtney Perkins, but probably from the astrological memes from her Instagram @notallgeminis. As a Gemini herself, Courtney joins Erika and Faye to defend against the Gemini stigma and teach us a bit about ourselves.


006: Caroline Goldfarb | Kris Jenner: The Origin Story

Pop-culture expert Caroline Goldfarb (@officialseanpenn) takes Erika and Faye on a real rags to riches journey. They learn about Kris Jenner's humble beginnings as a candle-seller turned flight attendant, to her rise as the Momager™ we all know and fear today.


005: Jamie Loftus | Charles Entertainment Cheese — the lore.

Comedian, podcast host (The Bechdel Cast), and member of Mensa — Jamie Loftus — joins Erika and Faye to tell the legend of Chuck E. Cheese. How did the business start? Who won the animatronic war of the early 80s? Is she in a committed relationship with Pasqually P. Pieplate, the human drummer of Chuck's band? Plus, MORE.

004: Ashley Lukashevsky | Hawaii (plus, Mauna Kea and 7-11)

Ashley Lukashevsky is an artist and activist that uses her platform to dismantle the patriarchy and we are thankful for it. Originally from Hawaii, Ashley teaches Erika and Faye about life on an island, the best Hawaiian snacks from 7-11, and why Mauna Kea is such a big deal (and what we can do to help preserve the indigenous land).


003: Carey Seuthe | Washington DC, what is it tho?

Best known for being an elite Washington insider, Carey Seuthe takes Erika and Faye on a journey to the hill. We learn about her role as some sort of press secretary, how she navigated the willful ignorance of politicians, and who (if anyone) she didn't lose respect for.


Episode 002: Melinda Lee Holm | Friday the 13th, should we be Frightened?

Tarot Priestess Melinda Lee Holm joins hosts Erika and Faye to discuss Friday the 13th. Where did the fear of the 13th come from, why does it always revert back to Jesus, and is “The Craft” a realistic narrative? This episode covers all things magick, myths, and a weird intro about shrimp gender.


Episode 001: Ariela Barer | Airplanes. Like, how?

Actress Ariela Barer (Marvel’s The Runaways, One Day at a Time, Ladyworld) joins Erika and Faye to teach them about airplanes. Ariela explains how her airplane knowledge developed from a crippling fear that turned into hours of aerospace research — and still remains a crippling fear today.

Photos from our Podcast Release Party — Sep 13, 2019 @ The Friend

Photos by Say Spezzano