The Podcast

“After School Special” is a new Podcast from the Junior High family.

Intended to be an extension of Junior High programming, each episode features a new guest who comes to teach our hosts —Erika and Faye— something new. Episodes release Fridays after school, with the 4th Friday of each month being a Patreon-only episode accessible to all Junior High members. Find “After School Special” anywhere you find Podcasts.

Producers: Clementine Yost & Faye Orlove
Sound Engineer and Editor: Clementine Yost
Hosts: Erika Paget and Faye Orlove
Jingle by: Eden Hain


Episode 001: Ariela Barer | Airplanes. Like, how?

Actress Ariela Barer (Marvel’s The Runaways, One Day at a Time, Ladyworld) joins Erika and Faye to teach them about airplanes. Ariela explains how her airplane knowledge developed from a crippling fear that turned into hours of aerospace research — and still remains a crippling fear today.