Jr Hi the Magazine Issue 002
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Issue 002 | Summer 2018


Lila Gold
Shamir Bailey
Juliana Horner
Eden Hain & Ariela Barer
Jenn Pelly
Isa Beniston


“If that’s not the grimy shit we love but also the political activism that we write about then I don’t know what is!”

-Ariela Barer @arielabarer

[Photo | Alexa Lopez]

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“I’m not chill at all. I’m not a chill woman. And I hate that idea.”

-Lila Gold @lila.gold

[Photo | Miriam Marlene]


“I never have been a person who wanted to be famous.”

-Shamir Bailey @shamir326

[Photo | Rikkí Wright]

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“I work fast and I want output. Give me a chunk of paper and I’ll draw on every page.”

-Isa Beniston @gentlethrills

[Photo | Say Spezzano]


“I would say that 75% percent of the time I am wearing last night’s makeup. And I don’t care.”

-Juliana Horner @vesperucca

[Photo | Juliana Horner]

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“You have to have so much conviction, and believe in yourself and your ideas so completely...it’s ultimately up to you to see a story through.”

-Jenn Pelly @jennpelly

[Photo | Kara Vorabutr]