Jr Hi the Magazine Issue 004: The Indie Pop Issue
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Issue 004 | The Indie Pop Issue


Japanese Breakfast
Ian Sweet
Diana Gordon
The Tenth

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“I've always been someone that has flitted in and out of a very depressive state...”

-Michelle Zauner @jbrekkie

[Photo | Jackie Lee Young]

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"I haven't totally figured out where I fit in yet."

-Jilian Medford @ian_sweeeeet

[Photo | Alix Spence]


"I'm a real person, I have a story to tell. I'm going to tell it one way or another."

-Diana Gordon @dianagordon

[Photo | Yasi Salek]


“I’ve gone to those Young Hollywood events in the past and everytime I’d just think to myself, ‘Oh my god, I don’t belong here.’”

-Harley Quinn Smith @harleyquinnsmith | @thetenthband

[Photo | Dana Trippe]


“I should just write what saves me and call it a day.”

-Mitski @mitskileaks

[Photo | Say Spezzano]


“In the words of our lord and savior: ‘I'm alright with a slow burn, taking my time let the world turn.’”

-Allison Crutchfield @allisoncrutchfield

[Photo | Carly Palmour]

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“I’m a hip-hop/rap/pop fan before I’m a rock fan. I think as my career goes on I will continue to explore a certain time in my music interests by making records that fit the timeline.”

-Lætitia Tamko @vagabonvagabon

[Photo | Rikkí Wright]