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Issue 005 | Spring 2019


Atlanta de Cadenet
Mitra Jouhari
Ellie Wheeler
Chelsea von Chaz
Hazel English
Schelsey Mahammadie-Sabet

Yes, #MeToo is revolutionary and thank fucking god for it, but I do think parts of it were exclusionary and left some people feeling isolated.”

-Atlanta de Cadenet Taylor

[Photo | Meyrem Bulucek]


I deal with a lot of intensity internally — either intense anxiety or intense elation.”

- Schelsey Mahammadie-Sabet

[Photo | Lynn Torres]


These spaces are inaccessible to us, so our stories are never heard, which means nothing ever changes.”

- Ellie Wheeler

[Photo | Carly Palmour]

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Talking to any other marginalized person about what I’m feeling makes the feeling more valid...”

- Mitra Jouhari

[Photo | Alix Spence]

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“If you’re not helping, then I would say get out of the way for those who are putting in the work.”

- Chelsea von Chaz

[Photo | Nolwen Cifuentes]

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“Organized, Funny, Rich.”

- Eleisha Capris (Hazel English) on 3 words she wishes described her

[Photo | Miriam Marlene]