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Issue 006 | Summer 2019


Grace Miceli
Brian Vu
Corey Wash
Angel City Derby
Jamie Loftus
Frances Quinlan

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“what makes art matter is the conversation I’m having with whoever is looking at it.”

-Grace Miceli

[Photo | Michael Tyrone Delaney]

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“[My] work is first and foremost about my subjects.

I want to celebrate people who stand out.”

- Brian Vu

[Photo | Brian Vu]

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“I don’t create with the intention of it to last.”

- Corey Wash

[Photo | Jesse Riggins]

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“...that’s probably one of the real reasons I started derby: it’s kind of filling [the loss of] something else.”

- Blaq N Blujee of the Angel City Derby

[Photo | Madeline Keyes-Levine]


“Oh, I kinda made a dent in someone’s hideous worldview.”

- Jamie Loftus

[Photo | Rikkí Wright]

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“I would love to be able to go where other people seem to.”

- Frances Quinlan

[Photo | Lili Peper]