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Drawing Session Fundraiser for Unidos Por Puerto Rico


DRAWING & FUNDRAISER / $20 / ALL AGES / Come enjoy an afternoon of life drawing with some fast beginning exercises leading to long poses. No artistic ability required, this is a relaxed, inclusive figure drawing workshop to raise funds for a good cause and socialize, everyone is welcome. There will be a potluck dinner, drinks and music and some basic drawing materials provided. 

Please bring something to lean on, like a drawing board, clipboard or easel, and additional art materials. And please feel free to donate to the pot luck!

Space is limited so getting a ticket early guarantees your spot, tickets are $20, this is to cover the models fees, some art materials and the ticketing fees, all other proceeds will be donated to Unidos Por Puerto Rico

Please note no photography is permitted during the workshop.

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There are many natural disasters and human crises on our screens and on our doorstep every day, and we are overwhelmed with our inadequacy to help everybody, but in these times even a small effort or donation can start a chain reaction.

This event is specifically for the victims of hurricane Maria in Puerto Rico, moslty as a reaction to the disgusting and embarassing treatment they received by the current POTUS following the hurricane. President Trump does not seem to understand or care about the facts, history and responsibility to his citizens; the Puerto Rican people, or to human beings in general. Puerto Rico is in a state of crisis following the worst hurricane in a century to hit the island, millions of lives are threatened by the continued lack of drinking water and basic needs. Although aid has been provided, the government has publically insulted them and ignored their requests for help. President Trump bizarley blames Puerto Rico for thier own natural disaster, his offer of financial aid has come in the form of a loan, to increase their national debt, he humilated people in need by throwing paper towels in their faces. We cannot let him represent us. 

Unidos Por Puerto Rico was started by the first lady of Puerto Rico Beatriz Rosselló and this organizations' efforts are continuing to get life saving relief to all the victims of the hurricane who will be affected for years to come. 

Please lets turn our anger into something positive and creative.