Through our physical space and quarterly publication, Junior High is dedicated to showcasing the artistic pursuits of marginalized voices. We believe that representation, civic engagement, and exposure to overlooked narratives fosters strong & empowered communities and individuals. We believe that radical acceptance will change the world.

Los Angeles, California

The Space

Junior High is a physical space located at:

5656 Hollywood Boulevard
Los Angeles, California 90028

We host community-booked events that promote the pursuits of women, POC, and queer artists.

Find out more information about booking your own event, renting the space, becoming an investor, or getting involved here.

The Magazine

Jr Hi the Magazine is a quarterly publication featuring conversations with and conducted by artists and activists. We aim to showcase underserved perspectives on the narratives of feminist, creativity, and survival.


For information on getting involved with the magazine or advertising with us, click here.

Membership & Shop

Junior High has partnered with Patreon to offer Memberships with different tiers of support.

Our online store features Junior High t-shirts, keychains, sweatshirts + more. 

The Newsletter.

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by Lynn Torres.

by Lynn Torres.