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Hey Dude, Ask a Feminist

WORKSHOP / $5 SUGGESTED DONATION / ALL AGES / Hey, want to be a better male feminist? Well come hang out with a bunch of cool people and learn about feminist issues in a productive and supportive way!

Brought to you by Alexandra Tweten and Alison Stevenson, this event is geared for straight cis-men (but everyone can and should attend) to get (forgive us for using this word) WOKE regarding the more subtle, more complicated, less talked about issues and indiscretions women deal with on a daily basis. 

We want this to be a supportive atmosphere where we can all feel free to ask questions and have real discussions in a shame-free environment. 

The night will start with short talks from:

+Alexandra Tweten (creator of Bye Felipe) discussing online sexual harassment and the Bye Felipe movement.

+Alison Stevenson (comedian and Vice columnist) discussing the anatomy of the vulva and myths/truths related to the female orgasm. 

+Danielle Perez (comedian) whose discussion will be announced SOON. 

Following the talks will be a Q+A where everyone can join in and be heard. 

We want this to be fun, and chill as fuck. So, we'll be selling booze and mingling after. Think of this as anti-pick up artist workshop. You'll learn more about women with us, because duh. Also, all sexual orientations are and genders welcome as well. We want everyone to be included in the discussion. It's gonna be fun!

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*Tix available at door cash or credit.