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A Feminist History of Anti-Capitalism

WORKSHOP + ART + MUSIC | FREE | ALL AGES | In 2017, Left in LA convened for a one-day event where people with marginalized gender identities shared knowledge about how to organize their workplaces and navigate left organizing spaces that can be inhospitable to women and trans and queer people.

Now, on July 21, 2018, Left in LA will organize an evening of performances, presentations, and mini-lectures to share knowledge about our communal histories of anti-capitalism. A Feminist’s History of Anti-Capitalism will offer vignettes about the often-overlooked intersections of gender justice and communism, anarchism, and socialism. Refreshments will be served and the evening will begin and end with music. Think of it as a party but with--uh--learning and teaching!

We invite everyone to submit proposals for 10-20 minute presentations, lectures, monologues, musical performances, short plays, and activities that deal with some historical aspect of feminism and anti-capitalism. Do you want to bring to life a meeting of the Combahee River Collective? Are you doing research on garment workers’ strikes in Chicago during the 1900s? Are you putting together an oral history of your grandmother’s involvement in a communist party? Do you have a piece of art you’d like to show and discuss that deals direct with trans activism? The possibilities are endless--feel free to try anything!

This event will center queer, trans, non-binary, and women’s voices, but everyone is welcome to submit a proposal. No experience is necessary and the organizers of Left in LA can be as supportive (or hands-off) as you want! Your submission does not have to be original to this event--meaning that it does not have to be written for this event and it can be something you’ve performed or presented other places.

To submit or RSVP please visit:

Left in LA is an anti-capitalist organizing collective that uplifts queer, trans, non-binary, and women's voices.

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