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Emergency Response Training | FIRST AID


WORKSHOP | $10* | ALL AGES | Red Cross Certified Instructor Mike Hain is coming to Junior High to teach two courses in Emergency Response Training. Each courses individually is $10 or you can enroll in both for $15. Your enrollment includes a First Aid Kit to take home.

We are offering Red Cross Certification for an additional fee of $40, or $50 if you are enrolled in both courses.

Please be early, as we will start on time. Wear comfortable clothes and shoes. Please allow extra time as Junior High is street parking only. Both courses include presentation and interactive components

First Aid full course description is below. To read the CPR course description click here.

TICKET | Emergency Response Training
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This Basic Life Support class will teach you what to do in case of a sudden emergency to someone who injured. Participants will learn First Aid along with a Stop the Bleed demonstration.

*Some of the images used will be somewhat graphic.

The course will cover:

  • Identify Behaviors

  • Scene Safety

  • Recognizing Emergency Situations

  • Good Samaritan Laws/Obtaining Consent

  • Emergency Action Steps

  • Moving an Injured Individual

  • Calling Emergency Personnel (9-1-1)

  • Recognizing Shock and Treatment

  • Identify a Heart Attack.

  • AED (When to Deploy / How to Use)

  • A triangle bandages

  • Roller bandage

  • Embedded object

  • First Aid Kit contents

  • Earthquake preparation

  • Treating Bleeding injuries

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