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Radical Resilience: A Workshop on Overcoming Trauma


WORKSHOP | $5 SUGGESTED DONATION | AGES 16+ | Join us for a night of open discussion, community, and healing. Mary-Louise Hildebrandt and Kira Metcalf are facilitating an open forum to discuss how trauma can inhibit our own empowerment, followed by a guided discussion on developing tools for better communication with those around us.

This workshop will focus on the importance of healthy relationships — whether personal, romantic, creative, or professional — and address the prevalent imbalances in these relationships due to misogyny, sexism, and inequality.

Every day we are faced with challenges in our personal, professional and creative relationships.

How do we address inequality and sexism in these environments? How do we become our best advocates?

How do we foster empowerment for ourselves and those around us?


About the hosts:

KIRA METCALF | Kira is a writer and musician based out of Brooklyn, NY. She has a BA in Literary Studies from The New School, with a focus on poetry and translation.  In 2018, she released her sophomore EP Indelicate, where she chronicles a lucid portrait of depression, heartache, and the determination it takes to move through self-doubt.  Her introspective writing often centers around topics of mental health creating vivid emotional narratives. “You & #MeToo” is her first foray into the Zine world. She was moved to create this guide based on her experiences as a woman in professional, creative, and intimate spaces. You can find her music on all streaming platforms and follow her creative endeavors via Instagram. @Kirametcalf

MARY-LOUISE HILDEBRANDT | Mary is the Executive Director of the Relationship Foundation (TRF), an initiative that implements relationship education and trauma-informed teaching practices into schools through professional developments, in-class sessions, and an extensive curriculum which she co-authored. She values kindness, vulnerability, and empathy, all of which are integral aspects of her work and relationships. Mary-Louise has an MS in Clinical and Community Psychology with a dissertation analyzing Empowerment and Inclusion within Universities using de-colonial, feminist, and critical psychology theories. Mary-Louise is dedicated to improving mental health through structural approaches such as community projects and at the institutional level with TRF. “Building Resilience through Healthy Relationships” her first zine, allows you to take this work home with you, learning how to identify and build resilience to trauma by strengthening our relationships. Mary-Louise strives to make meaningful connections with herself and others through art, music, and poetry. You can find her work on Instagram at @maladaptivemistress.

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